World Hospitality Expo 2023

18th to 20th Jan, 2023

About World Hospitality Expo

about World Hospitality Expo 2023

World Hospitality Expo

18th to 20th Jan, 2023

World Hospitality Expo (WHE) 2023 is a strategic virtual exhibition aimed at exchanging new advances and showcasing the future of the hospitality sector (HoReCa Sector) in India and around the world. WHE 2023 is focusing on new technologies and innovations in the Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Food and Drink Vending Solutions, Refrigeration Equipment, Food Processing Plants & Machinery, Hotel & Commercial Cooking Equipment, Hotel & Restaurant Equipment, Fast Food & Beverages Machinery & Food Processing & Packaging Machinery.

The goal of the World Hospitality Expo is to bring together Kitchen Equipment firms, hospitality groups, and important suppliers of equipment, technology, and services to network with the hospitality industry. The purpose of the event is to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices as well as offer an unrivalled opportunity to connect key buyers from the foodservice and hospitality sector with key exhibitors supplying into these sectors.

Welcome to World Hospitality Expo – Pure B2B, Pure Business

WHE is an online B2B event focusing on the fast-growing hospitality industry, with the objective of providing more chances and profitable businesses for companies and trade experts in India and throughout the world.

The World Hospitality Expo brings together a diverse group of buyers from around India, providing Indian and foreign companies with a diverse range of chances for business networking and partnerships with established players and buyers in the Indian markets.

World Hospitality Expo is powered by a dynamic 3D environment, resembling that of a physical show, coupled with tools that engage a global audience and are accessible from the comfort of your home. The expo has become highly popular with every passing day as it eliminates issues such as difficult event planning, poor audience turnout, limited reach, and costs that are sky-high.

To understand what makes WHE a BIG HIT in today’s time, let’s have a closer look at the features and tools that make it a valuable opportunity for organizers, exhibitors, and attendees all across the globe.

Features To Look a Perfect Virtual Hospitality Expo – WHE 2023

  1. Awe-Inspiring 3d Designs for Audiences

    Isn't it true that "the first impression is the last impression"? Give your audience an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Create a fantastic atmosphere for your exhibitors and attendees, starting with a rich, visually appealing landing page and progressing to a completely customisable interface. In brief, World Hospitality Expo 2023 eliminates the need to download extra layouts in favour of providing a fully customizable platform for making a lasting impression.

  2. Custom Designs And Layouts for Branded Booths

    Setting up booths and chasing vendors for marketing materials has become a nightmare for every exhibitor. Exhibitors at WHE may now mark their booths in an infinite number of ways without sacrificing quality or putting in the long hours required to set up a real event.

  3. Networking Live Chat Tools

    To achieve the goal of a successful event, you must guarantee that visitors and exhibitors engage as much as possible. In order to educate and engage prospects during your event, look for engagement solutions such as a real-time chat platform. 1:1 text, voice, and video chat can help you avoid the issue of long lines around booths while still providing individual support to your audience with their specific questions. You can boost your conversion rates even more by answering FAQs in group chat rooms, which allows you to reach out to a larger number of online prospects at once.

    As a result, live chat technologies are critical for turning prospects into sales and assisting you in meeting your objectives in real-time.

  4. On-Event Announcements to Keep Attendees Informed

    You'll need to keep your audience updated with live updates during the event, just like any other event. WHE 2023 helps you to capture your audience's attention by employing pop-up notifications to keep them updated at all times.

  5. On-the-Spot Sales using an E-Commerce Platform

    WHE 2023 not only allows exhibitors to expose their products and services to the world but also helps them turn worldwide prospects into sales.

    By offering a platform for real-time transactions, you can avoid purchasing delays and increase conversions by embedding an online store at your event. So they keep it if they like it. This online store not only captures existing opportunities that you've fostered throughout your event but also captures passive opportunities that would otherwise go untapped and undiscovered if the event were held in person.

  6. Live Webinars to Engage Audiences

    You won't have to worry about your speakers' availability changing or missing out on attendance owing to different time zones if you use the World Hospitality Expo platform. Live webinars can be used to engage large groups of people at once, and they can be organized ahead of time to assure maximum attendance.

Why WHE 2023?

World Hospitality Expo (WHE) 2023 is a valuable source of business for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and hotels. It is believed that the kitchen is the beating heart of any restaurant or catering business. It's where food is prepared, cooked, and plated before being served to consumers. And, without a question, WHE can be a major motivator for commercial kitchen equipment to be shown to end-users.

The importance of the WHE event for the hospitality industry stems from the industry's commercial prospects. The primary segments of this hospitality event are as follows:

World's Biggest Hospitality Exhibition 2023!

The World Hospitality Expo will be the premier event for restaurateurs and chefs, as well as casual dining operators, pubs, and bars. The event features content on hospitality technology as well as an event platform.

World Hospitality Expo 2023 Highlights

The purpose of this event is to introduce the hotel and restaurant industries to the digital tools that will be required to address future challenges, as well as to meet and exchange ideas with technology experts. This is an once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn how to integrate and profit from the impact of new technologies in the hotel and restaurant sector. This hospitality event will be an excellent investment for increasing awareness and doing business if you are producing digital or technology products or services for the hospitality industry.

In addition, the event will help you grow your customer base, find new markets, meet clients in a casual yet professional setting, share and learn about the newest tech practices in your industry, and attend expert conferences and keynotes.


  • Chance to get an exchange of business cards and websites.
  • Interactive booth with photographs, demo videos, etc.
  • Buyer targeting and 1-on-1networking opportunities.
  • Expert knowledge and insights on market trends.
  • Live demonstration of the latest products and services in order to generate as many leads as possible.
  • Meeting of potential business partners online.

Benefits of Attending WHE 2023 Event

  • Affluent visitors in your area or region
  • Video conferencing
  • Massive promotion of the event
  • Cost-free transportation
  • No hotel charges
  • Hassel-free client management
  • No costs associated with logistics and coordination of support personnel
  • An investment of only a few thousand dollars is needed to acquire sponsorship for recognition of a brand
  • Exposure of the store during the event

Innovation and Creativity

With the goal of making the hotel industry a driver for economic advancement, WHE 2023 delivers an international platform to showcase innovation and create opportunities for its distinguished visitors and exhibitors. WHE 2023 will also be marketed at international events, increasing the chances of attracting significant visitors from all around the world.

WHE 2023 will make the impossible possible by giving you with India's most cherished hospitality, armed with a huge array of exhibits divided into the broad fields of Food and Kitchen Equipment, Food Processing Plants & Machinery.

World Hospitality Expo is an outstanding venue for providers of food processing machinery, the hospitality sector, related technology, and service providers. The exhibition is virtually held in India, a billion-person market with numerous potential for international and local firms in the food manufacturing and hotel sectors. In terms of production, consumption, export, and growth possibilities, India's food processing industry sector is one of the largest in the world.

Golden Opportunity

World Hospitality Expo 2023 event will provide opportunities for both domestic and international exhibitors to

For Domestic Exhibitors

  • Corporate Projection and Positioning
  • Showcase latest Products and Services
  • Boost domestic and export sales
  • New product launch

For International Exhibitors

  • Enhance Business & Investment
  • Showcase of Products & Services
  • Transfer of Technology, Joint Ventures, Investment
  • Sourcing Opportunities


  • Technical Collaborations
  • Business and Financial Collaborations
  • Creation of Future Business Opportunities
  • Establishing a network of dealers or distributors

Value Delivering Platform – World Hospitality Expo 2023

World Hospitality Expo 2023 will be a value-delivering platform for buyers from targeted industries such as Food Processing Machinery, Dairy & Bakery Machinery & Products, Packaging Machinery & Material, Hotel ware, Kitchen Equipment's, Crockery, Carting, Ice Cream Machinery, and Cold Storage on the one hand, and the HoReCa industry on the other. Take, for example, food and hospitality.

Visitors will enjoy a colourful display full of green ideas, new technologies, and tasty food under the rainbow of WHE, while exhibitors will benefit from networking possibilities with high-end customers through conferences and seminars, as well as a hotel matchmaking service.

Comprehensive Sourcing HUB for Hospitality

World Hospitality Expo (WHE) is gearing up for its brand new edition. The 3-day one of kind hospitality event will be held from 18-20 January 2023 virtually. With unparalleled patronage from industry leaders, WHE has expanded its reach targeting a huge number of exhibitors, showcasing the best from the global hospitality industry. WHE 2023 promises to be the bigger, better, grander and most comprehensive sourcing hub for hospitality, retail, food processing, baking, and design enthusiasts.

The three-day event will feature the largest internet-based exposition featuring seminars, demonstrations, and competitions for both hospitality professionals and hobbyists. As a result, WHE23 will be the largest hospitality expo ever held in South Asia.

WHE 2023 will act as an impactful platform for all the hospitality stakeholders to come, network and rub shoulders with the very best in the industry with support from top industry bodies like HOTREMAI, ARCHII, HPMF, IHSPF, F.S.C.A.I, FAIC ; Supporting Consultant Partners – such as Easy Consultants, GOURANGAA Hospitality, FOODSURE, Mr. Chef Cooking Service, TARA HOSPITALITY SERVICES, TECH4SERV, Creation Enterprises, and so on; and Media Partners like SAKSHAR.

How Is World Hospitality Expo Better Than On-Site Events?

  1. Globalization

    World Hospitality Expo 2023 can help you qualify leads from across the world. From the comfort of your home or office, or from the nearby coffee shop, you can do all of this. As long as your audience has an operating device available, you can't keep them from experiencing a truly exceptional experience.

  2. Environment-Friendly

    On an average, around millions of waste is produced at a physical event every year, caused by paper waste and other marketing material. As a result, the carbon footprint increases and contributes to climate change. This World Hospitality Expo eliminates the use of paper, and for that matter, any wastage that can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Therefore, it’s time to turn your business green.

  3. Accessibility

    WHE event is a great opportunity for people who are differently abled to access a world that they are otherwise excluded from. Unlike physical fairs, this event provides several options to assist individuals with impairments, other disabilities, allowing them to benefit as much as from the event, as any other visitor.