World Hospitality Expo

World Hospitality Expo (WHE) is India’s largest hospitality event scheduled to be held over five days of showcasing new products and offerings, unparalleled expertise, and limitless networking opportunities. The event focuses on the exchange of new developments and the future of the HoReCa sector in India. The World Hospitality is firmly focussed on the arrival of new and cutting-edge technology, used in the commercial Kitchen Equipment sector, Food and Drink Vending Solutions, Hotel & Commercial Cooking Equipment, Hotel & Restaurant Equipment, Food Processing Plants & Machinery, Refrigeration Equipment, Fast Food & Beverages Machinery.

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THANKS TO EVERYONE for taking the time and bringing expertise to engage people in such meaningful, productive and open dialogues during the five days of World Hospitality Expo 2022. We truly appreciate your support for being part of such a wonderful event.

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Dr. Nitin Shankar Nagrale

Dr. Nitin Shankar Nagrale

CEO India and Emerging Markets @ Quality New Zealand.

Founder and General Secretary – Hospitality Purchasing Managers’ Forum (HPMF).

Vijay Mohan Bembey

Vijay Mohan Bembey

Founder Director of IHSPF.
Business & Marketing Consultant of Easy Consultants, Delhi- India.

Helping Enterpreneur to Scale Up their Business by Channel Development, Export and Sales Team Development etc.

Rajesh Chowdhury

Rajesh Chowdhury

Founder Director H&S Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Founder Director FSCAI & IHSPF.

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  • 3K Registered Seller in hospitality industry
  • 15K Total Registered Seller
  • 35 lakh Total Visitors per Month
  • receives approximately 76.5K visitors and 160K Page views per day
  • 50K Total Listed Products
  • ranks 47,818 globally on Alexa
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Our main objective is to "Give something back to our industry" and "exchange new breakthroughs and showcase the future of products and services" Our objective is based on:

  • Partnership with guest: The most essential thing to us is visitor pleasure, and we strive to exceed their expectations with our quality services. We satisfy our customers through open communication, satisfaction tracking, and analysis of praises and concerns.
  • Satisfaction of Interesting Parties: WHE will increase the number and structure of hospitality services, thereby satisfying the needs and expectations of interested parties.

With the ever-changing global hospitality industry, it is critical to stay up to date on the latest developments in this sector. As a result, our goal is to continue increasing as people use innovative technology more than ever before. Further, we are aiming to create world hospitality expo into world’s biggest hospitality show.



Our World hospitality Expo's ideology is to continue to apply and set the highest standards of service quality in order to justify and sustain the reputation we have among our visitors, partners, competitors, and the larger community. We use and continually introduce environmentally friendly technologies and procedures in order to maintain a balance with nature while also meeting the needs of modern society. Tradition has contributed to our success, but in the future, we want to accept the changes that contemporary life brings in order to become more appealing in the market and more interesting to our guests and partners.


Our mission is to put hospitality services on the highest level in order to satisfy the demands and expectations of guests. Further, the following points will detail about our mission:

  • Through participation in events and exhibitions, we will continue to investigate and develop new ways to improve our customers' experiences as well as the achievement of corporate ideas and objectives.
  • To consistently innovate and develop new strategies that can make a difference in exhibition and marketing campaigns, ranging from display design to brand creation to delivering unique marketing communication platforms.
  • To conduct all of our business transactions with our customers with integrity, honesty, and transparency.
  • To provide a good working environment for our team members that supports professional and personal growth and development.

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World Hospitality Expo connects Kitchen Equipment manufacturers, companies and hospitality groups, key suppliers of equipment, and technology, and services to a wide range of visitors from all across the world.

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World Hospitality Expo can engage with Prospective Entrepreneurs / start up who intend to set up Food Processing Industries, Hotel, restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Clubs, Resorts & Bakery organisation.


Events and conferences are a big component of the hospitality industry, and they're only getting bigger. Expo events are significant because they allow for a more intimate and interactive encounter with your audience, which ultimately produces a more lasting and memorable impression than passive viewing of a more typical type of advertisement.

Analysts predict that the next world hospitality expo will do more business than ever before. Many exhibitors and guests have already registered with us, so it is safe to say that this expo will go above and beyond in terms of benefits.

Expos are typically used as a communication platform for advancement and cooperation. It brings the entire world together to find solutions to the world's most pressing problems. Exhibitors will present their experiences and ideas to the world at this digitally held exhibition.