World Hospitality Expo 2023

18th to 20th Jan, 2023

Exhibitor Profile

1. World Hospitality Expo connects Kitchen Equipment manufacturers, companies and hospitality groups, key suppliers of equipment, and technology, and services to a wide range of visitors from all across the world.

2. Exhibiting an online platform showcasing various Kitchen equipment can save production costs (insurance, shipping, and installation), solve conservation or preservation problems – handling of fragile or rare objects, and help to reach more individuals. Access to information is now available to anyone who can afford a computer with internet access.

3. Exhibitors can showcase their newest arrivals – products, solution, or service for optimal engagement with a huge audience or the attendees.

Features and Advantages of Virtual Exhibition
  1. Quality visitors coming from your local area.
  2. Chat or video calling facility.
  3. Quality branding promotion.
  4. The Organisation of promotional events digitally.
  5. Zero transportation cost.
  6. No hotel visiting.
  7. No travelling cost – just needed to handle clients from your comfort seat.
  8. Logistical cost is zero and availability of support team coordination.
  9. Just a little investment in sponsorship get recognized your brands to customer and consultants architects
  10. Association with some of the renowned coordinators to bring valuable customers.
  11. The exhibition will associate with your store.
  12. Business Card
  13. A “Special Offer” button can help you attract quality visitors.
  14. Enquiry section. No need to call a special person to note down your enquiry.
  15. The “About Us” feature helps your company representation.
  16. Help to showcase your company and products through videos.

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