Kitchen King's N Queen Expo 2021

Kitchen King's N Queen Expo 2021

Kitchen King’s N Queen – The Virtual Expo 2021

The pandemic's terrible economic impact demanded modifications in our work patterns in every sector., staged the Kitchen King's N Queen (KKQ) Exhibition, a strategic B2B virtual expo platform focused on these changed patterns, from March 1st to March 4th, 2021, with the goal of exchanging new developments and showcasing the future of kitchen equipment.

The following industries were represented at the exhibition:
  • Commercial Kitchen Appliances
  • Solutions for Food and Beverage Vending
  • Equipment for Refrigeration
  • Plants and Machinery for Food Processing
  • Counters for display and service
  • Kitchen Ventilation/Exhaust Systems
  • Hotel and Commercial Cooking Supplies
  • Catering Supplies
  • Furniture for the Kitchen
  • Hotel and Restaurant Supplies
  • Fast Food and Beverage Equipment
  • Processing and packaging of food


The sole purpose of this virtual Kitchen King's N Queen (KKQ) Expo was to bring together Kitchen Equipment firms, hospitality groups, and suppliers of equipment, technology, and services from around the world to network with the HoReCa Industry. The event enabled the exchange of expertise and best practices, as well as providing an unparalleled opportunity to link important buyers from the foodservice and hospitality industries with major exhibitors servicing those sectors. The organization also wants to build long-term ties, and these shows serve as a starting point.

Why Go Online?

This online exhibition reduced production expenses (insurance, shipping, and installation), handled conservation/preservation issues (e.g., handling of fragile or rare pieces), and reached a large number of people:

Information was no longer restricted to those with the financial means to travel and visit museums, but was now available to anybody with a computer and an Internet connection. Exhibitors debuted their most recent product, solution, or service.

They discussed their strategies for maximizing attendance/large audience involvement, assuring their protection during the pandemic.


The virtual expo featured 25 exhibitors.
  1. Ahata Industries
  2. Cookkart
  4. KookMate Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  5. Pramodhan Industry
  6. Perfect Hotel and Kitchen Equipment
  7. Aaradhya Industries
  8. Akshar Precast Industries
  9. Fortune Engineering
  10. Progressive Systems
  11. Amity International Kitchen Equipments
  12. Astro Teck
  13. A&A kitchen Industries
  14. Divine Manufacturer
  15. SS Kitchen Craft
  17. Exquisite Arts Studio
  19. Innbox Modular Prefab
  20. Kamal Caterers
  21. Meerasons Hospitality services
  22. R.D. Industries
  23. Sunlight kitchen solutions
  24. Yaari Industries
  25. Shree chamundaagro engineering works.

These organizations actively engaged and cooperated in the virtual exhibition, assisting the organizers, i.e., in making the event a success.

The event had a total attendance of 2706 persons. Everyone was digitally instructed and assured of being able to contact the help desk. This event functioned as a meeting point for everyone in the hotel industry.

Mr. Anand Kishore, CEO of, congratulated the exhibitors, attendees, crew, partners, and everyone who came out to support the virtual exhibition. He also praised everyone who worked behind the scenes to make this event a success.